Data protection that stays up to code

Our platform is built with privacy and security in mind, and is used by global teams with the assurance that use cases enabled by LiveRamp are compliant with all major privacy legislation.

Controls and privacy protocols for your data

  • Enterprise-grade encryption

    LiveRamp leverages a combination of encryption keys throughout our process to add an extra layer of data protection.

  • Tailorable data controls

    Ensure that data is used only as intended by tailoring data controls and usage per partner or individual.

  • Keep data safe while boosting utility

    Through our platform, users can connect to data wherever it is without the need for copying or movement.

  • Turnkey data auditing

    Demonstrate compliance with our easy-to-use audit logs, which enables users to filter queries by data and/or sites and apps within a self-service interface.

Learn more in our podcast

Hear how LiveRamp helps consumers understand and exercise their rights, while still connecting with brands and publishers in ways that are welcomed and relevant, in this episode of our podcast Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud.

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