Mobile opt-out

We understand if you wish to opt out of LiveRamp (Mobile)

Use our tools below to opt out of LiveRamp. If you have any trouble opting out, please contact US Privacy team.

Our Opt-Out Tools

To reach our local EU teams please contact the UK Privacy team via our Your Rights page as found here (, or our French Privacy team ([email protected]). EU residents not residing in the UK or France may contact either team, do note that our French team will reply to you in French, so if English is your desired language, please visit our Your Rights page. For any other inquiries, please contact the US Privacy team.

You may also want to change the cookie management settings on your web browser.
We also recommend visiting the opt-out pages for the DAA’s AboutAds site to manage other advertising cookies used by your web browser. For a more persistent opt-out of LiveRamp, please utilize the email opt-out described below.

What happens when I opt out of LiveRamp mobile services?

When you opt your mobile device out of LiveRamp, LiveRamp will cease sending any personalized or interest-based data tied to your mobile device identifier. This affects the advertisements you would see in native apps on your device.

If I opt out of targeting for in-app ads through LiveRamp, will I still see advertisements in-app?

Yes, the opt-out will only mean the native ads you see will not be personalized through any data sent through LiveRamp. To opt out of ads on your mobile device’s web browser, please use the email-based opt-out on

Why do you need my email address for a mobile device opt-out?

We store your email address in order to permanently avoid collecting any additional information about that email from any customers we have in the future. If you don’t feel comfortable providing your email address to us, you can still opt out of for your mobile device specifically, without accessing our permanent opt-out feature.

Why are there different opt-outs for LiveRamp, Data Plus Math, and Arbor?

Over the years, as LiveRamp grew as a company, we have acquired others – such as Data Plus Math and Arbor – and their proprietary technologies. These technologies support our ability to deliver services to our clients, but still operate via separate methodologies and, as such, require separate opt-out mechanisms.

Do you have device specific opt-outs?

Android 4.3 or earlier: You can opt out of LiveRamp Android distribution by providing your UDID as follows. Then download the app “Device ID” by redphx from the Google Play Store. Enter the Device ID in the box to the right and make sure the “UDID” radio button is selected. Please use discretion when downloading 3rd party applications.

If you are using Android 4.4 or higher, go to “Setting” —> “Accounts/Google” —> “Ads” where you will see an advertising ID. Please enter that ID in the box below and select the “Ad ID” radio button. You can also opt out of interest based ads in general in this view by checking the “Opt out of interest-based ads” checkbox on your device.

You can find your IDFA by downloading one of several apps on the App Store. Try downloading The Identifiers app in the iOS App Store. The IDFA is labeled as the “Advertising Identifier”. Include that in the opt-out box on this page. Additionally, you can go to “Settings” —> “Privacy” —> “Advertising” and select “Limit Ad Tracking” and “Reset Advertising Identifier”. In this case, LiveRamp cannot exclude your old IDFA from distribution, but partners and publishers will not be able to use your IDFA for any targeting or tracking. Additionally, when the IDFA is reset, the old IDFA is not tied to your phone and is for all intents and purposes unusable.