Measurement: uncover insights, prove impact

  • Identity-enabled cross-channel measurement
  • Connect data securely at scale
  • Accurately quantify business outcomes
  • Sustainable, neutral solutions

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Interoperable cross-channel measurement

  • Ads Data Hub (ADH)

    Join Google exposures ad with RampID for custom measurement

  • Linear TV Ad Exposure Exports

    Get ad exposure data into any analytics environment to build-your-own measurement conclusions

LiveRamp connects siloed data, helping you build your customer intelligence, understand your impact on the path to purchase, and more accurately measure ROI.

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Develop a Source of Truth

We unify data from disparate sources to create a source of truth that serves as the foundation of measurement, bringing greater accuracy, and the ability to generate custom analytics––all while preserving consumer privacy.

Deepen Customer Intelligence

Truly understanding your customer and the impact of your marketing initiatives on their journey allows you to better provide the right experiences to drive their path to purchase. LiveRamp’s measurement suite delivers an expanded view of your customer engagement throughout the marketing funnel.

Prove Cross-Channel Impact

Break data silos and connect various marketing touch points across online and offline channels, including digital and TV, whether your customer is at home or at work. A more holistic view of an individual, household, or account enables you to prove ROI, increase efficiency, and drive the outcomes that matter to you.

Gain Transparency and Control

Transparency empowers you to make informed decisions for your business with a high level of confidence and control. Choose the data you use for measurement and have full visibility into its sources, uses, and costs.

Reinvent TV Measurement

With unparalleled scale, cross-screen data, and accuracy, media owners and advertisers can define metrics that prove value for the business. Quantify the value of TV exposures in achieving your business goals to engage in mutually beneficial negotiations.

Customer Testimonials

It’s been an exciting journey working with LiveRamp and understanding how it truly works. Not just on the data activation side, but with measurement and stitching data across platforms."
Bayer Consumer Health
  • 40%

    More efficient cost metrics

  • 4%

    Increase in video completion rate

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