Connect Ad Exposures to Conversions

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  • Extend Reach

    Understand shopper behavior and track how online exposures drive conversions.

  • Improve Efficiency

    Accurately attribute offline and online transactions to online campaign.

  • Increase Traffic

    Fully invest in your online campaigns to help drive more online and offline traffic.

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Measure True ROI

Bring together offline transaction data and online impressions

Online conversions alone do not necessarily tell the full story of an ad campaign’s effectiveness. Using LiveRamp, you can connect the dots between your digital media and offline purchases, allowing you to accurately measure campaign ROI.

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Optimize Marketing

Map results to winning communications

What works well in driving online sales may not have the same effect instore. By understanding which unique messages resonate with online shoppers versus in-store buyers, you can optimize your media strategy on platforms ranging from Facebook to Yelp—and countless others—to achieve revenue goals.

The goal of working with LiveRamp is to be able to connect consumers in stores with their online identities.
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